A mobile app for job seekers with a fresh approach to sharing and earning rewards.
Pracovní pozice v České republice, na Slovensku i v zahraničí.


  • Quick, easy searching

    Our full text search and filtering options let you customize what you want to see. Add the most relevant jobs to your favourites list to come back to later.

  • Share and post to help others

    See the perfect job for a friend who is looking for a new role? Share with them in a direct email. Or do you prefer to post generously on LinkedIn or Facebook? Either way you can help others find their career.

  • Apply in one click

    No need to enter CV details or upload any documents. Simply click one time on Apply and one of our recruiters will be in touch in a matter of hours!

  • Find out first

    With our simple filtering settings you can choose the most relevant parameters for the roles you want. Then whenever a new job is posted that matches, we'll let you know (turn off whenever you'd like!).


With the GoodCall app not only can you share great career opportunities, but you can earn credits in the process. Good sharing, Good credits, Good rewards!

  • Every time you share or post you'll earn credits
  • Every time a friend applies, gets interviewed, or hired you'll get even more credits
  • Visit our in-app rewards store to pick up amazing gifts
  • Choose from Apple products, gourmet dinners, custom holidays and lots more!

Get in Touch

Have feedback, suggestion, or any thoughts about our app? Feel free to contact us anytime, we will get back to you within 24 hours.